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Grindabátar from Vágur

Directly translated grindabátar is the Faroese word for whaling boats.

These old traditional Faroese wooden oar boats are an important part of the Faroese culture and history. Originally these boats were used both as fishing boats, when driving pilot whales into the fjords, and for transportation of commodities to and from other parts of the Faroes.

The oldest boat, Gjógvarabáturin, is built in 1873. The other boats are: Svanurin, built in 1900, Trolarin, built in 1901, Norðstjørnan, built in 1902, Sildberin, built in 1903,Oyrabáturin, built in 1920’ies, Tofta Regin, built in 1933, Hvalurin, built in the 1930’ies, Sigmundur Brestisson, built in 1939/40 and Dýrið, built in 1971. The boats are for 8 and 10 men, which means 8 and 10 men are rowing.

The boats are still used today. Both on trips on Vágurfjord, trips from Vágur to other parts of the island of Suðuroy, or to other parts of the Faroes.

In Vágur we value highly the importance of preserving the heritage our ancestors have left us. The old tradional Faroese wooden oar boats being one of several heritages preserved in Vágur.